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Kitchen robot in Riga serves up new future for fast food and all eateries

Publication date 04 August 2021 | 19:51 | ICT

A pasta order comes in and the robotic arm springs into action at the Roboeatz eatery in Riga. After five minutes of gyrations, a piping hot plate is ready.



  • Hidden kingdom of mud and clay enchants Siem Reap

    With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, a small group of Cambodian men – shirtless and using nothing but their bare hands and primitive tools – have quietly been digging and then building impressive structures from mud and clay in the community forest reserves in Siem Reap.

  • How can you join the ride to final frontier?

    Thrill-seekers might soon be able to get their adrenaline kicks – and envy-inducing Instagram snaps – from the final frontier, as space tourism finally lifts off.

  • Paris savours taste of pizza-making robots

    Behind the dark green facade of a new Paris pizzeria, arms wielding ladles and spatulas perform an intricate ballet to churn out made-to-order pies – but no human hands are involved in the performance.

  • Contest synergises girls and tech

    Technovation 2021 is an international competition sponsored by a global tech-education non-profit that empowers girls and families to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers.

  • India tests longer-range drone flights, sets sights on Covid jab deliveries

    An aviation firm has carried out the first tests in India of longer-range drone deliveries, as hopes grow that they could deliver medicines as well as Covid-19 vaccines to remote areas.

  • Indonesian women take on plastic waste by producing bricks

    Alarmed by the mountains of plastic waste leaching into Indonesia’s waters, two best friends are taking on the environmental menace by turning crisp bags and shampoo packets into paving bricks.

  • Rubbish remade as decor in Poipet

    Like most businesses during the pandemic, Pho Sopha’s shop selling lotions and other goods online wasn’t going well.

  • Abundant and sustainable talipot palm trees supply natural products

    Cambodia has millions of sugar palms dotting the countryside and the multi-purpose tree is a national icon. Another lesser-known type of palm tree – the talipot palm – is not as common in Cambodia and has had less obvious uses traditionally for agriculture or industry.

  • Seaweed and mushrooms transform fashion

    From making algae-sequin dresses, dyeing clothes with bacteria to planting trackable pigments in cotton, an emerging tide of technological innovations offers the fashion industry a chance to clean up its woeful environmental record.

  • China wheelchair users dodge bad traffic on rough road to recognition

    Cars, scooters and bicycles wait impatiently at traffic lights ready to zip across one of Shanghai’s main roads. In the thick of them sits an old man in an electric wheelchair.