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Solar pump systems up-front costs worth the trade-off for long-term benefits: farmers

Publication date 14 September 2022 | 15:42 | ICT

Agricultural expert Suong Noy has been advising farmers to use solar systems to pump water to their rice fields or plantations instead of using water pumping machines that run on fuel or manually.



  • Entrepreneur aims to replace plastic straws with reeds

    Hai Socheat Vaddana’s passion for supporting handmade and environmentally safe products, as well as her mission to promote women’s employment in the Kingdom, inspired her to start making straws from chachot.

  • Khmer woven seagrass baskets in demand abroad

    Traditionally, most weavers of seagrass are elderly people, who sit and weave to pass the time after their daily work is done. It seems that this tradition may be lost in the future, as younger Cambodians are less inclined to take up the art.

  • New magazine sparks kids’ creativity

    In today's digital world where children using smart devices are ubiquitous, a bilingual children’s magazine named Kroojchmar aims to inspire creative passions and perhaps suggest future vocations to its young readers.

  • Eco-Bricks turning tonnes of plastic into building mats

    A lot of plastic waste is thrown away or burned, often producing toxic fumes that cause health problems.

  • Essential oil lab provides growth market for local farmer produce

    Reaksmey Chhorpon dreamt a seemingly impossible dream. She wanted to become a scientist. Now, as the founder of HathKal Lab, she is using chemical engineering to turn high quality Cambodian crops into 11 kinds of pure essential oils.

  • Tasty fruit and vegetable straws replace plastic

    Minister of Environment Say Samal praised a Cambodian enterprise that makes straws from rice and vegetable matter rather than plastic, which he said is overused around the world.

  • Visit Kampot app a tourism boon

    To promote tourist destinations in his home province of Kampot, Hang Panhaka took it upon himself to establish an online social community network and app which introduces new destinations and shares introductions from local business owners.

  • Green Lady’s reusable pads new eco-trend

    Reusable women’s menstrual products have been available in Cambodia since Sovanvotey Hok launched Green Lady Cambodia.

  • Professor builds free astronomy exhibit

    In a Phnom Penh hall, the planets of our solar system are suspended, each one represented by an accurately coloured balloon.

  • Trash or treasure, this group helps you find it free

    If your heart is set on something dear to you, then you’ll always find a way to make it work. Giant strides forward usually start out as baby steps and most good ideas start with one person taking it seriously and then finding others who have been waiting for something like it to come along without