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Lim Phara uses bananas to create quality wine in Kampong Cham province. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Kampong Cham man turning surplus bananas into precious liquid gold

Publication date 28 August 2023 | 21:35 | ICT

Bananas are not only a cherished tropical fruit but also a staple in many Cambodian dishes.



  • Sandan: Beyond a fruit, a legacy of Khmer cuisine

    In Cambodia, the sandan tree, also known as Garcinia cochinchinensis in Latin or false mangosteen, has long been treasured. Its sour fruit is traditionally savoured either pickled or boiled with betel nut to achieve a radiant hue.

  • Sepakam Sreymom’s roasted popcorn, flavoured with spring onion. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Savouring the flavour of unique local popcorn snacks

    Corn, known around the world for its delicious taste and rich nutritional benefits, has long been a favourite food staple. It’s a versatile ingredient, equally suited to main courses or tasty snacks.

  • Neal Khmer Cake staff tend to their work in their hygenic Phnom Penh facility. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Traditional cakes capture capital hearts

    Delighting the palate and satisfying the appetite, traditional Khmer cakes such as num ansorm, num korm, and num bort, all traditionally wrapped in banana leaves, hold a special place in Cambodia’s culinary landscape.

  • Worm larvae raised for fish and bird food at a farm in Kandal province’s Mok Kampoul district. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    High-protein industry worming way into market

    In the heart of Central America, the Zophobas morio, a species of darkling beetle, is often associated with its larval stage.

  • Two women make banana chips for the ‘Reacheny Banana Samlout’ brand, in Battambang province in early July. REACHENY BANANA SAMLOUT

    Banana chips connect hearts, support community

    Stepping into the world of business requires diligent financial management and a clear vision, such as demonstrated by a successful fried banana chips business owner.

  • Food on offer at Banana Leaf Rice restaurant. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Banana Leaf Rice’s ‘unique’ blend of tradition, innovation

    Banana Leaf Rice, a progressive restaurant brand, is capturing foodies’ hearts with its compelling eco-friendly approach to packaging and dining. However, the journey to its current triumph has not been without its hurdles.

  • Sora Khmer’s products exhibited at the Sirha Lyon Expo 2023 in France. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Sora Khmer poised for grand prize at 2023 Kura Master sake competition

    Once a minefield, now the pinnacle of sake and shochu excellence, Sora Khmer is savouring the taste of success. T

  • Kreung woman Lat Sok Em who opens a restaurant in Phnom Penh. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Kreung ethnic cuisine on the rise in Phnom Penh

    In the bustling heart of Phnom Penh, the richly diverse flavours of Cambodia’s ethnic minorities are being simmered to life.

  • A man tests date wine in Taing Kouk district of Kampong Thom province. PHOTO SUPPLIED

    Retired teacher-turned-vintner stirs up Cambodia’s wine scene

    In a remarkable fusion of nature and ingenuity, a retired English teacher has gained recognition from Cambodia’s Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology, and Innovation for turning imported dates into a luscious, well-rounded wine.

  • The Nem Yeung business grew during the Covid pandemic. Photo supplied

    Battambang nem: A positive Covid tale

    A large number of businesses were shuttered during the Covid-19 pandemic, while others saw the quit period as a time to re-gather their resources and prepare to meet the demands of​the inevitable economic recovery.