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CLA holds second Khmer language writing contest

Publication date 27 September 2022 | 20:17 | ICT

Although diversity and integration are widely celebrated in today’s world, discrimination still exists. Writers, artists and thinkers intend to explore this through writing, in a just-announced competition.



  • Bakery adding cricket protein to sandwiches

    Located to the east of Tuol Tompoung Market, a location popular with foreigners, Nutty Bakery serves western-style sandwiches with a variety of in-house baked bread, including cricket bread.

  • Chap Chamroeun Tola: Nurturing the art of dance in distant France

    Chap Chamrouen Tola, 34, has devoted much of her life so far to classical Khmer dance and as a result she’s performed on all six of the fully inhabited continents – if there is a theatre in Antarctica the manager should get in touch

  • Ex-migrants’ juice makes a splash

    Several current and former Cambodian migrant workers in South Korea have combined their capital and expertise to launch Veha juice – a new enterprise which aims to process locally grown fruit into preserves and canned drinks in a bid to promote the Kingdom’s farmers and introduce local products to

  • Japanese experts help Takeo’s rice wineries bolster professionalism

    Officials at the JICA Grassroots Project noticed some glaring deficiencies in Cambodia’s rice wine industry – low incomes for the producers due to a lack of quality control over their products – as evidenced by the tragic mass-poisoning incidents that have occurred time and again over the past

  • Be Like Khmer: Locals teach Khmer language lessons

    Walker Hedgepath had yet to visit the Kingdom when he became fascinated by Cambodia, its people, language and culture.

  • Singaporean art collective seeks wonder in exhibition

    Victor Ang, a renowned Singaporean artist – one of the top 20 finalists in the 2017 AAC awards – has led a group of his female contemporaries as they hold a group exhibition at the Hyatt Regency in Phnom Penh.

  • Devout disabled chant Parabhava Sutta

    As Buddhists across Cambodia celebrate Pchum Ben, a group of people living with disabilities have taken to chanting the Parabhava Sutta, which loosely translates as “the causes of downfall”.

  • Visitors relax on lush, green French embassy grounds

    Thanks to the coolness and the lush natural beauty of the thick green canopy – with monkeys swing from branch to branch – many visitors considered the grounds of the French embassy a forest in the centre of Phnom Penh.

  • Kingdom’s youths seek to promote the unique art of making Num Ansom

    Num Ansom cake is known to all Cambodians and is popular during major festivals, especially Pchum Ben.

  • Learn the secrets of Khmer cuisine at Siem Reap’s Changkran cooking classes

    With over 20 years of international culinary experience in top hotels and resorts both in Cambodia and abroad, chef Sing Sopheak Mongkol has returned to open the restaurant Changkran Khmer and serve Khmer food in order to contribute to the promotion of Cambodian culture